Lean interface

A lean interface means just that. We have implemented a compact, “get out of my way” , “tell me what I need to do” user experience. One of the first things you will notice is the lack of a search bar. Often knowledge bases are created without a focus and direction for the user base. So, the users are left guessing what is the right search to find the information I need. This is a focus based knowledge as the content creators should know what information their user base is looking for otherwise our users will provide you feedback.


Auto notes generation

The auto notes feature gives time back to the user, so they don’t waste time typing down the steps they have completed. Read , click and the job is done.

Image display

We have made adding and displaying images simple and compact. Too often images / screenshots are left out of articles because of the difficulty in adding them, resizing, or it makes an article difficult for a user to read. We have made it easy with a simple line for the content writer to be able to hide the image and allow the user to view the image if they wish. Making the article quick to scan and pleasing to the eye.




Article management

Knowledge bases often get too big for their own good. We have kept it simple and lean at Heropath to allow the content creators to be able to publish / un-publish content quickly, make edits, and delete any content that isn’t relevant. The focus here is to have content based on the categories and subcategories that we setup at the beginning to reduce that content creep.


Lean article creation

Typically, after installing a knowledge base you are left to your own devices with a blank page to enter content with no guidance or ability to control the look and feel across all your content. This is where Heropath is different we provide layout for your content where you focus on the writing and not being slowed down with html code, image editing or other time-wasting tasks.

Image management

Inline with our lean philosophy we’ve kept image and file management to a simple process. Select the file you want to upload and press upload. Right click on the file name to get the location so you can use it in your content.





Feedback is the important grease that keeps a knowledge base running smoothly. We have provide a simple feature at the bottom of every article to allow your users to provide you feedback on the content you have created.

Feedback management

What’s the point of feedback if the content writers aren’t able to review the feedback? So we provide the feature to check off content has been reviewed. Too often this process is buried under the weight of creating new content rather than polishing what is already being used.