Find content with in seconds instead of trawling through old or out dated information.


Easy to read

Clear easy to follow step layout allows the reader to understand how to complete a process or task.


Simple to create

Our content creation focuses on “content” so content creators aren’t slowed down by “coding” and styling the text.


Heropath is a next generation lean knowledge base. Our goal is to provide a knowledge base where content creators focus on creating content not wasting time “coding”. If you need a knowledge base to tell you want you need to do to get the job done then Heropath is the knowledge base for you.

Serve your users

Our clean template allows you to respond to users quickly, with the ability to adjust content without any programming. Focus on the writing we’ll focus on the programming.

Efficent layout

The clear structure and layout of information makes it easy to read with icons, images and clear steps. The battle for any knowledge base is to have uncluttered articles for any user to quickly comprehend and utlize the information.

Notes in a second

Quick notes for any user who need to write notes and follow instructions it can be a slow process. With our pre written notes all users can click the button to have the steps completed recorded.


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